Certified translation:

  • commonly, but incorrectly called a “sworn translation”;
  • prepared by a sworn translator pursuant to the provisions of the Act on the Profession of the Sworn Translator;
  • includes not only contents, but also any other components of the document (stamps, signatures, annotations etc.);
  • is certified with a sworn translator’s stamp and signature which confirms its authenticity and compliance with source texts;
  • includes information saying whether it was prepared based on the original document or its copy (in case of a scan or a copy);
  • always delivered in hard copy;
  • usually this is necessary to certify translations of such documents as litigation and official documents (e.g. vital records, agreements, certificates, vehicle documents);
  • pursuant to Ordinance of the Minister of Justice on sworn translators’ fees, the unit of account for a certified translation is a page containing 1,125 signs, and each started page is counted as one.

Certification of a translation:

  • includes proofreading of delivered translation and certifying it with a stamp and a signature in accordance with all the principles applied to sworn translations.

General translation:

  • includes translation of general and specialistic texts;
  • the unit of account for a general translator is a page containing 1,800 signs, and each started page is counted as 0,5 of a page.

Review of a translation:

  • includes checking the linguistic correctness of the translation and making minor corrections;
  • the unit of account is a man-hour.


  • Optical Character Recognition – a set of techniques or software used to recognize signs and texts in a graphic file in order to prepare an editable version of a document;
  • used when the document delivered by the Client is not editable (e.g. pdf, jpg) and the Client needs a translation which is graphically identical with the source (including formatting);
  • is an additional service provided on Client’s demand.


  • certified or general;
  • if the Client has reference, please indicate the fact when you first contact me;
  • the unit of account is 2 hours (1 hour of translation + 1 hour for travel to and from the place of providing the service);
  • in case of translations outside Warsaw, the Client covers accommodation and travel costs.