Cooperation principles

The valuation of the translation is made online – please, contact me via phone call or e-mail before coming.

I start work only after receiving the acceptance of the price from the Client. Sending documents by e-mail does not constitute the beginning of translation!

The price of certified translation is based on the number of signs in translated document, therefore it can be calculated only after finishing the translation. Before translating, the price can only be estimated.

Translations prepared based on copies of documents (copy, scan, image etc) will include an appropriate annotation. In order for the translation to include information that it was prepared based on an original document, the original document needs to be delivered to the translator.

Certified translations are delivered only in hard copy. They can be collected in person or sent by mail or couriered at the Client’s expense.

I can offer translations certified by qualified electronic signature as well. In such case, there is no need to collect the hard copy of the translation and the whole translation process can be completed remotely.

The service cancelled by the Client later than after the half of the time of delivery is payable in 50%.